Webster County High School

Webster County Schools
Webster County High Schools – Energy Star Certified

Project Cost $5,083,000

Webster County High School used a 500 ton geothermal heat pump loop consisting of 240 wells; 307 foot deep, with over 28 miles of underground piping spread in an adjacent practice football field.  The HVAC system is fully automated through a central Direct Digital Control (DDC) system.  Indoor air Quality (IAQ) issues are addressed through increased ventilation, improved filtration, customizing the design of the AHU’s to address current IAQ practices, and cleaning/coating existing ductwork.  It is the largest GeoExchange installation to date in West Virginia and the surrounding region.  Even after years of successful operation the school is still among the most efficient in West Virginia scoring in the top 30 percentile when using Energy Star Certification database.

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