3D Laser Scanning Services Overview

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

3D Laser Scanning is the use of modern surveying tools and techniques in order to capture millions to billions of X,Y,Z coordinate points of a physical space for a variety of different applications. The real trick is what to do with all this data?  At ZDS we have been continuously developing and researching new and leading edge ways to apply this technology in meaningful ways for our clients for over a decade.


3D Laser Scanning helps reduce the level of unknowns on your project by collecting highly accurate “built conditions” that can then be used to make better decisions earlier in the process.  Combining 3D Laser Scanning on your next renovation project reduces change orders, helps to mitigate overall project risks, and enhances collaborative efforts!  Lets get your next project started off on the right information!

Ben Franklin 3D Scan Ben Franklin 3D BIM

Top Benefits of 3D Scanning:

Comprehensive survey by capturing millions and sometimes billions of data points per project.

 Highly accurate data collection with 1/8th inch accuracy achievable.

 One of the strongest tools to coordinate with all the stakeholders involved utilizing powerful web based tools.

Mitigate overall project risks by having better information which results in overall project savings and reductions in change orders.

 Photo realistic documentation to go along side drawings that improves overall project understanding.

 Most efficient way to achieve as-built documentation up to 10 times faster then traditional techniques while maintaining building occupancy.

3D scanning provides many benefits that carry through the life of a project.  The scan data collects millions of x,y,z coordinate points that are compiled to form a point cloud representing the facility.  Proper use of this data can create complex models with high degrees of accuracy and confidence in the design.

As-Built Documentation

Measurements with accuracies up to +/- 2mm per scan position.

3D Scan to BIM

The process of capturing 3D laser scan data of a physical space and creating an accurate digital model from the data.

Construction Documentation

Collect data during construction to capture information before it gets covered up.

Historical Documentation

Preserve history digitally for future restoration or records

2D Drafting from Scan Data

2D Floorplans, Elevations, and more


Faster then traditional techniques and provides an excellent collaboration method that can be shared with the whole design team.


Point Cloud Data in it’s Raw Data Format

2D CAD Drawings

3D Building Information Models (BIM)

Web-Share access

3D Virtual tours

Clash Detection

Volume Calculations

Floor Flatness Analysis

Wall Plumb Analysis

Asset Management Documentation

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