Forensic Engineering & Expert Witness Services

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ZDS Design/Consulting Services provides Professional Forensic Engineering and is committed to presenting its insurance industry and investigative litigation clients a diverse yet experienced and cost-effective group of professional experts that can provide investigative support and assist in the control of soaring claims settlement costs. Client service is the product of a day-by-day commitment, by the principals and staff, to excellence.

ZDS Design/Consulting Services is available to provide the insurance claims industry, legal and other client representatives with a single source of contact for expertise and information relating to the fair and expeditious processing of loss recovery investigation. ZDS also provides loss prevention programs in the form of ‘in-depth’ engineering assessments of possible hazards.

Evidential facts lead to the conclusions, it is the goal of ZDS to provide clear, concise and comprehensive information, findings and conclusions to claims adjusters, attorneys and risk management professionals in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner

Our Expert Services include the following:

Accident Scene Surveys and Mapping

ADA Compliance

Air Quality Issues

Catastrophe Assessment

Code Compliance

Computer Modeling

Construction Defect Determination

Equipment/Appliance Damage

Expert Witness Testimony

Fire Investigations

Foundation and Structural

Geologic and Geotechnical Engineering

Industrial Accidents

Landslides and Erosion/Avulsion

Lightning Damage

Marine and Boating Issues

Mechanical/Electrical Assessment

Microbial Analysis

Moisture Damage

Operator Failure

Origin and Cause Investigations

Permit Review

Personal Injury

Product Failure Analysis

Property Damage Investigations

Slip and Fall Investigations

Storm-water and Flooding Investigation

3-D Scanning/Imaging

Work Environmental Issues

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